Trail Maps, History & Legends

Trail Maps, History & Legends of the Grand Canyon

This page is a work in progress –  Here I’ll put links to trail maps (what I have found so far has been pretty poor as far as quality).   As far as history and legends, I hope to just gather some interesting facts about the Canyon to document here.

Trail Maps etc…

This is a link to the National Park Service website.  I found the graphic below on the site and this it’s the best visual of canyon crossing….

Click to access intro-bc-hike.pdf

Cartoon of Trails N=to=S



Legends and Advice:

Experience & Advice from Coach H:

        “The trail the entire way is excellent.  You do need to pick up your feet when going over erosion breaks.  Taking the Bright Angel trail on the South side is the best way to go.  It’s longer, but not as steep along with some water stops.  As I recall, the trail was always safe.  The steepest part is once you cross the river and the place not to push too hard.  The Park Rangers don’t like runners so look good (and be friendly) when you see one.  Also, yield to the mule trains.
        I’ve run from North to South and come out the Kaibab once and out Bright Angel twice.  My best time was just over 4 hours.  In addition, I ran North to South and back to North once.  I went rim to rim to rim in late May and it was 110 in the bottom on the way back.  I took it real easy and walked out to the North rim most of the way from the pump station.  Overall, it took about 13 hours.”
         – My High School Coach (Coach H) has been running as long as I have known him (over 44 years).  He has complete several ultra marathons  and has logged a tremendous amount of miles.  I have always admired him (see my dedication to him on my “About the Blogger” page).  He is now a college Cross Country and Track coach in Michigan.  When it comes to running, the man is an animal but also very much an expert.