The Objective…

In the Beginning… There was Doubt, Procrastination and Lethargy

On 15 November 2017, I announced on my Facebook page that I was going to tackle my life-long dream of running the Grand Canyon rim to rim on 28 September 2018. Below is the specific post and the reaction….

Grand Announcement

By design, I was not exactly explicit on what I was going to do.   I was surprised by the less than overwhelming curiosity from my “vast” friend list… In fact, the only comment was from my dad.  Of course most of my whopping total of friends (55) are family and I’m sure the collective thought was “huh?” if given any thought at all.  But that’s how my life long goals roll, they usually roar in like a lamb.  And, truthfully, I was making a commitment without commitment, leaving plenty of room to back out at any time.

In reality, I know there are and will be a number of reasons for this goal to go South.  But what do they say, “no guts, no glory”?   Actually the only “glory” I’m looking for is self satisfaction.  So I started this blog to begin to cement in my commitment and to describe my path to the Canyon run.  Documenting this event I hope will serve as a “motivator”.

I’ve given myself 45 weeks (less than a year) to prepare. I’ve seen 20 week preps for a half-marathon described as a long prep. So, I figure if I double that time for twice the distance and add a few weeks for good measure and to account that half of this run will be a steep climb, it should be more than adequate prep time for most anyone (we’ll see if that’s true).


The above was written on 15 November and it’s now 18 March. I’ve literally done nothing since then.

What happened??… Well first there was Thanksgiving and then Christmas (oh yeah, and I had a spasm in my leg related to, perhaps, my cracked back which led to a numbness in my foot).   Truth is, I’m going to need to work through all that. Old man time takes away what we used to take for granted… being able to leap into action in a single bound. Now, if I cross my legs I can get a cramp or my calf tightens up or my neck feels tweaked. I’m going have to figure out how to work around these ‘old dude aches and pains” without screwing things up big time. I now only have 6 months (about 28 weeks) to get ready (which still should be enough time).   I’ll chalk up the lost time as my “mental preparation” training period.

That line from Shawshank Redemption is driving me now… “I need to get busy living or get busy dying”.   It’s time to get serious since I’m doing this thing!!