Week 9 & 19 weeks to go!

Monday –


Tuesday –

Skipped – I didn’t run but went to Physical Therapy.  The therapist worked me over pretty good… I think this will help but I’ll need to help myself (i.e. I’ll have to do the exercises).

Wednesday –

Got out early to walk 5 miles before my 7:30 AM meeting.  Noticed that my pace seems to have picked up some again this week.  Setting new walking records… For me anyway… not exactly breakneck speed but a win is a win.

Thursday –


Friday –

Today I felt pretty good but was pressed for time (my wife was sick so had to go to her school to deliver lesson plans and I had PT scheduled for 8:30).  So I only did 3 Miles but I decided to try running some of it.  Not much of it; only a about ¼ mile, but it felt good.  Although my “running shape” is pretty poor it still allowed me to cover the distance in just over 45mins.  That’s my best time for my three mile course since I started this round. I’ll take it.   When I told my PT that I ran some, she was okay with me slowly adding running to the mix.  That’s progress!

Saturday –

Again, fastest pace (17:24 mins/mile) for my 7 miler this morning.  Not exactly burning up the trail but faster is better.  No ill effects from my running on Friday. 

Sunday –

Was going to do 5 miles but decided to only go 3 miles today.  I felt tired from Saturday.  Not only from my walking but also from a project I worked on to build a desk for my office.  Based on my time for the walk (just over 56 mins), it’s obvious that I wasn’t moving to quick today.  It’s been a rough week and yet, my weight went up a pound!   Talk about adding injury to insult (or is that insult to injury?).  I was telling my wife that I think I’m not losing weight because of skipped days.  She didn’t buy that at all saying I just needed to eat less (AND that my metabolism ain’t what it used to be.).  Leave it to her to call it straight… She’s right I need to slow the chow down.   I may not be hitting my weight loss goals but I’m only 7 miles under my cumulative mileage goal at this point.  Whoop!  Whoop!

I have another challenge next week… We’re leaving for Houston on Wednesday for a family reunion on my mom’s side of the family.  We’re driving so and it’ll be a busy week with all the drive time.  I’ll have to see when and where I can wedge in some walks (runs?).  

Pictures of the week:

If you get up early enough, you’ll enter the time of long shadows.  This was taken at about the halfway mark of my 7 miler with the sun just cracking the Eastern horizon over the Catalina Mountains.  I’m pointing north toward the Grand Canyon.  My advice to myself is “Go North Old Man”… And I plan to… In September. 


Below is a picture of the desk top I’m building.  I decided to use Redwood. I like working with Redwood and have used it to build bunk-beds for my sons and a pencil post bed for our first bed.  There is so much oak around that I’ve grown tired of oak.  Redwood is a much softer wood and I would be concerned if I was going to use my desk as a writing desk but who does that anymore??  The only writing I do these days is on the computer… So this desk is being built for a place to set my computer.  I’ve been using a folding table… Can’t wait for me to get this project done and I’ll post a picture then.  


KylesMiles Wk 9

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