Week 8 & 20 weeks to go!

Monday –


Tuesday –


Wednesday –

Walked 3.2 miles in an hour on a machine at the hotel I say at in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The machine estimated I burned 267 calories.  I don’t really like walking on a machine.  I much rather be outside and walking in the environment.  I decided tomorrow, I’ll do my hour walk around in the “Up Town” area of Albuquerque. 

Thursday –

I found a 20 min. loop around the hotel that doesn’t cause me to cross major streets or wait at any stoplights.  The loop goes around a pocket of upscale restaurants and shops in an area called “ABQ Uptown.”  I did the loop three times at my normal pace so I assume I covered at least 3 miles this morning.  It’s a sidewalk (concrete) walk all around but it’s better than walking on a machine (I think).  Below is a picture I took a picture Uptown Mall area that I circle.  It’s a little more brisk in the morning here than in Arizona – started out at ~480 F at 6 AM.

IMG_0412 (2)

Friday –

Skipped – Returned from ABQ last night and felt pretty lethargic so I skipped my walk.  I plan to do a 4 or 5 miler on Saturday and my second 7 miler on Sunday.

Saturday –

I decided a 4 miler would suffice today.  I started out thinking I’d do a 5 miler, but my legs felt really tight (I didn’t do well on my Physical Therapy exercises while in ABQ) so I decided to cut the walk short.  I considered 3 miles but convinced myself that I could tough-out a 4 miler.  On my return home, close to my house actually, I ran into a diamondback rattle snake (see pick).  He was a baby – less than 2 feet long.  I almost came up to step on him but saw him and stopped myself short.  He didn’t move but I know he was alive – It’s not unusual for them to come out, stretch out and sun themselves to warm their cold blooded bodies. 

0512180659_Burst01 (2)

Sunday –

I hit the trail for my seven miles an hour before sunrise.  There was enough twilight that I didn’t need a flashlight.  I was sure to look for my friend the rattle on my way out this morning, but he was long gone.  I got to my halfway mark just as the sun was breaking over the Catalina Mountains. The pictures show the sun coming up at the corner of Tangerine and La Canada.  There’s a nice walking path that they’ve constructed but there is still road work to be done (Tangerine is one of those roads that seems to be under constant construction).  I noticed all the Saguaros are blooming as are other cactuses this time of year.  The pictures below include the Saguaro, the Saguaro Blossom, a jumping Cholla with its ribbon like bloom and more pictures of the cactus in my yard with many blooms (covered in the little yellow Palo Verde dropped blooms that I focused on in week seven).   The desert really is beautiful in its own way – with pretty colored blooms on some other wise menacing cacti.   I’m pretty happy with being 8 weeks into my plan and still excited to continue. 

Final note – Seems I gained 2.3 lbs. back this week.  I think because I eat too well on business travel… I’ll have to watch that more closely in the future.  I don’t want to carry 230 lbs. through the canyon.  

Pictures of the Week:




IMG_0421 (2)


0513180607 (2)


KylesMiles Wk 8

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