Week 5 & 23 weeks to go!

Monday –


Tuesday –

Walked 3 miles today.  Nothing special, in fact, it was a pretty slow pace.  Not my slowest for three miles but close at just over 55 mins (18:32/mile pace… I think I saw a desert tortes past me by going a pretty good clip – joking).

Wednesday –

Skipped.  I didn’t feel up to heading out today.

Thursday –

Skipped   Had my first appointment with a Physical Therapist.  The most surprising thing discovered was when she asked me to raise up on my toes.  First I did both feet – not a problem.  Then I did my left, untroubled foot – not a problem.  Then she asked me to do my right foot… I couldn’t move it much.  Funny, I can do my right in concert with my left but when I try to do it solo… no go.  The good news is that she thinks she can help me work that issue out.  Maybe retrain the muscles and reestablish nerve conductivity.  The bad news is she asked me to lay off any attempt trying to run.  She’s afraid of me injuring myself more.   If I’m going to run again, it’s got to be done slowly.  Depressing to say the least.  I don’t know what this means for my Canyon crossing… but I’m still hopeful.

Friday –

Skipped.  My knee felt sore when walking my dog (Baggins – picture below) so decided not to push a walk today.  Seems I making excuses now… will walk tomorrow.  I’m concerned that next week, when I’m in Albuquerque, I have too many “reasons” not to exercise.  Want to be sure to have a good weekend of walking and then Tuesday and Thursday in ABQ next week – By Friday I’ll be back home in Tucson.

0422181331 (2)

Saturday –

Skipped. The inside of my knee continued to feel sore today (once again noticed it while walking my dog.  We went to the fair and walked around the grounds, so I did get some walking in but nothing official to log as Kyle’s Miles.  Just walking around the fair, I noticed I was favoring my knee.

Sunday –

Skipped.  Why ruin a good “skipping run” for the week?  I dreaded stepping on the scale for the official weigh-in this morning but was pleasantly surprised that I only gained 8/10ths of a lb… This after little exercise and not following my diet (in fact, it included “fair food”… although I would never recommend a funnel cake diet).   Out of a potential of 7 diet points (one point for each day I followed my diet during the week), I awarded myself a 0.5.  So I didn’t walk much and didn’t follow the diet plan this week… I hope I can turn that around next even though I’ll be out of town for several days.

Picture of the week…

Here is a picture of a barrow cactus in my front yard with a violet halo that comes once a year at this time (late April).

0422180725a (2)

Kyle’s Miles for week 5 were pretty sparse…

KylesMiles Wk 5

One thought on “Week 5 & 23 weeks to go!

  1. Duane W Wheeler

    Cacti is beautiful. Watch out for those tortes, that they don’t run over you. Baggins is look great give him a good pat. He is a good Buddy to walk and run with you. Take it easy Kyle. Rome was not built in a day. Better to go slow and heal then have a disaster. Nice day here this Sunday. Love


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