Week 4 & 24 weeks to go!

Monday –

After running some on Sunday, I decided to just walk my 3 miler today.   Although I didn’t intend it, it was one of my slower walks.  I’m hopping on Wednesday to up my running content and on Thursday extend my walk to 5 miles.  That’ll link two days together that will be tougher than any days so far.  I hope that’s wise.  I think to make my blog more interesting, I’m going to add some photos of my adventures and the area that I live.

Tuesday –


Wednesday –

Today I increased my run time within my walk by completing 4 x 3 min intervals of jogging over my 3 mile loop.  My overall time out was 48 mins 44 secs which is my fast time for the loop so far this year.  I experienced the same phenomena as last Friday, in that my breathing improved with each interval.  So I believe for the next set of intervals I will start with a one minute run and add a minute until I get to five minutes.

I looked back over my times for my 3 mile loop and found I walked/ran and ran much faster.  In fact, seven years ago to the day, I ran the loop in 32 mins 53 secs… almost 16 mins faster.  That was still over 10 mins per mile.  I got some work to do!

Thursday –

I walked 4 miles this morning.  Longest distance covered since I started just about a month ago.   It takes time (1 hour 15 mins) to walk that distance at my current pace.  I remember a time in my life (35 – 40 years ago) when I could log 10 miles in less than an hour.  I know, those days are gone but still it makes me long for the time that I’m running instead of walking.  Even at 10 mins per mile, I would be able to cover 6 miles in an hour.  I’m looking forward to that time.  I had to get up before the chickens to get this walk in before work.  I took the picture below at about the half-way point of my walk.  In that twilight hour the day, I could still see the crescent moon as the sunlight was just peeking over the Catalina Mountains.  (My apologies for the quality of the picture.)



Friday –

Skipped day.  I had a follow-up Dr’s appointment with regard to my EMG results.  Turns out, the chronic stenosis of my lower back (the damage sustained to my S1 – L5) has led to permanent nerve damage in my right leg.  This explains why, this time around, it’s been so difficult to run.  There’s nothing really to be done about it.  There is no blocking of a nerve that is dead.  If there is pain, yes they can block but there’s no need for a block for something that is already numb.   The only thing the Dr. had to offer was “perhaps physical therapy could help retrain my muscles.”  I need to trick my brain to compensate for the loss of feeling / muscle movement.  So what does all this mean?  I don’t exactly know yet and don’t plan to draw any conclusions at this time.  But it explains a lot about why I’ve found it so difficult to run.  So, for now, I’m just going to keep moving along with my plan and see how it goes…

Saturday –

Walked a 5 miler this morning – my longest distance for this go around.  It took me about 1- ½ hours.  I took a path I hadn’t walked before… So how do I know I went about 5 miles?  The major streets around my home are on a mile square grid.  If I stick to the major roads and walk West from one to the other and then Walk North from one to the other – essentially walk around the whole perimeter of the square mile – by the time I get back to where I’ve started I’ve covered about 4 miles.  It’s about 1/2 a mile from my home to the start of the mile square… So there and back again adds another mile.  I’ve always kept my mileage approximate – usually rounding to the nearest ½ mile.  So that 4.2 miles is 4 miles and 4.3 miles is 4.5 miles etc..  I believe keeping time of your workout is much more important than distance.  Distance tracking, to me, is more of a mental boost.  If you tell someone you walked for an hour this morning, there’s no real mental picture that comes to mind.  But when you tell them you logged 3 miles this morning (even if you did it in less than an hour) people seem more impressed.  It seems, to me, to motivate me more as well.  Of course when you combine time and distance and get pace, that’s when you can truly see progress.  For example, if last week I ran three miles in 40 mins but today I did it in 30 mins – that would show great progress!  That’s the key to keeping track of time and distance – to reinforce the feeling of progress… Continual progress.

Anyway, walking 5 miles for the day left me feeling very fatigued for the remainder of the day.  I was surprised that walking 5 required that much more effort than 3 miles.   It’s clear I need a lot more training before I’m ready to go more than 20 miles through the canyon.

Sunday –

I hoped to run some intervals today but just walked 3 miles instead.  I felt tired and unmotivated (lo mo) and only the following got me out the door…

  • If I didn’t exercise today, I would have to work out tomorrow. Monday is supposed to be a skip day but not if I skipped today.  It’s easier to get my time in on a weekend day than a work day so out the door I went.
  • Sunday mornings are my “weigh-in” mornings after exercise and breakfast so I was motivated to get a better weigh-in number. (Must have helped because my weight is down from last week by 3.1 lbs.. I’ve been keeping track of my diet discipline throughout the week.  I successfully managed to meet about ½ of my diet goals for the week.)
  • Finally, I wanted to beat my goal mileage for the week of 15 miles. With 3 miles today, I logged 18 miles for the week.  🙂

So I got my walk in this morning but it was slow.  As the song goes, “Momma said there’d be days like this… there’d be days like this my momma said.”

Week’s pics –

Today’s pics are a tribute the Javelina or Peccary.  Javelina is the Spanish name for Peccary and so in the Southwest they’re known as Javelina.  They look like hairy pigs but they are actually part of the rodent family (think “Rodents of Unusual Size” if you’re a Princess Bride movie fan).  Anyway, they run in “packs” in Arizona and every once in a while I have run across a pack.  Fortunately, I’ve never run into the middle of a pack.  Below is a picture of a Momma Javelina and her “piglet” that I took from the road above.   The picture’s fuzzy and grainy and it’s hard to make out the piglet to the left of her because they were on the move into culvert under the road I was on.  I came close to running into this pack but fortunately saw them before I did.  They are vegetarians but can turn aggressive if they are frightened or feel threatened and a need to protect their babies.  I like to walk/run early in the mornings which is, of course, the same time they like to roam – it’s the desert after all and nothing moves much during the heat of the day.  The other picture of the blob below is of some fresh Javelina scat that was on the path I walk.  How do I know it was fresh?  It was still warm (just kidding).  It’s not dried out yet, that’s how I know.  I also included some pictures taken by professionals so that it can be more clearly seen what Javelina look like.

Javelina IMG_0314.JPG

chacoan-peccary-1364286__340 collared-peccary-237818_960_720

Here are the Kyle’s Miles logged for the week…

KylesMiles Wk 4-1

One thought on “Week 4 & 24 weeks to go!

  1. Duane W Wheeler

    You sure are disciplined. Sorry to hear about nerve damage Kyle. Try not to push yourself too hard Kyle. It is interesting what one runs into on a walk. Interesting pictures. Take it easy. Rome was not built in day. Love you Dad


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