Week 1 & 27 weeks to go!

In the first week I walked only 8 miles (a cumulative “cum” total of 10 since I started on 18 March). I lost a total of ½ lb. – not a lot and less than I hoped. I think watching what I eat (serving size, less carbs and sugars– that’s my diet plan) will help a great deal.
The first week I found that my calves felt tight as I walked and it was a little weird walking with a numb foot (having a EMG – i.e. nerve check – on Tuesday. Having a numb foot, I felt concerned that I was favoring one leg or foot over the other. With my right foot numb would it screw up my left foot because it’s carrying a greater or different load? I’ll find out I guess (one of the joys of getting older).
I was on travel this week to Albuquerque, NM and so for Wednesday and Thursday I walked on the hotel fitness room trainer. Saturday I walked my favorite 3 mile walking path route. It was a nice day and averaged about 76 degrees Fahrenheit, 23% humidity and had a nice breeze of ~10 mph. NICE! for 10AM. Tucson, AZ has to be one of the best places in the world to be a runner. Even in the summer, if you get out before sunrise, the weather is still pretty awesome for training. I have so much respect for runners in Michigan or Minnesota (or wherever it’s often below freezing) who get up and out for a run early in the morning during their winter months. Takes a whole nother kind of motivation to do that. I have a great respect for those folks!
Finally, I think I’ll stick to a schedule that supports not working out more than two days in a row and will I’ll try to be consistent (2 days on / one day off / days on etc..) in that respect. Below is an embedded image of  my mileage log, “Kyle’s Miles”, for the first week out of the gate. This log shows my estimated miles, the type of mileage – walked (W), run (R), walked/run (WR), or biked (B) – and the time it took for each day and then for the week and a cumulative total since I started.  I also have a countdown to my Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim run (26.5 weeks). On it I track my weight loss (0.5 lbs.) since starting on 18 March. My goal for weight loss is 1.5 lbs. per week – very doable when I was younger… harder than snot these days.

KylesMiles Wk 1

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